Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Furry Friends

Lots of quilters tell stories about their furry friends who share their sewing space. I thought I would introduce you to a few of the characters that live in my house......

First there are Frisky (orange) and Brownie (black)......and how a black cat got named Brownie is a story for another time! These two boys are siblings and LOVE to sleep on any piece of fabric they can find. There can be a 8 foot table with a 4 inch square block sitting on it.....and where do you think they decide to take their nap. On the tiny 4 inch square of course!!

I have two other cats that like to hang out while I sew too. Their names are Quint (yes, from the movie JAWS) and Oliver. No pictures of them though.

Then there are the dogs......I have three of them. First there is Hobis, she is a basset hound and very old. She just wanted to be petted and have her tummy rubbed. Wish my life could be that simple sometimes!

Then there is my dog. I got her for my 40th birthday and her name is Raven. She is the best present I have ever gotten in my life. At 2 years old, she is full of energy! She was tired out from playing when I took this picture though.

She's hugging a stuffed moose.....maybe she's dreaming of her Artic heritage. Now wait...... I think she might wake up!

See those pretty blue eyes! Let me tell you, it is hard to be mad at a dog who looks at you with those eyes. Even when she just ate yet ANOTHER pillow. sigh.
Finally there is Pepper......she's 11 years old and worries. She worries about Raven eating the pillows, she worries when someone takes out a suitcase, she worries about the beep the smoke alarm makes, but she is a good dog.

Who shares your sewing space??
Have a fantastic day!


Jackie said...

What wonderful pets you have! They are all just beautiful. I have 3 wonderful kitties that also find the 4" block.

Melissa said...

Thank you for the introductions! I have no kitties - the dogs just won't have it. However, we built the house we are in with our dogs in mind and have since added a third to the clan. I have a futon in my sewing room that I would love to replace with a table or storage, but then, where would the preciouses sleep? They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company she keeps!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're adorable! I think all cats prefer the 4" square of fabric. I also have 4 that are the same way. Although one of them is very partial to licking plastic bags. What's up with that? I've also got 2 dogs - one of whom loves to sleep on the couch in my sewing room.

Needled Mom said...

It's nice to meet your friends. We, too, have a Friskie cat (Jake). We had to put our last basset hound down this past summer. She was the third one in our family through the years. They are such loves and cute as a button as a puppy.

YankeeQuilter said...

We have a "Brownie" too...only she really is brown. I brought home two stray kittens and DH said we couldn't name them because we weren't keeping them. Brownie and Goldie are now 10 years old!