Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post Easter

I love Easter.....the chocolate bunnies, the colored eggs, the daffodils.....

My favorite cupcake store " A Flavor Cupcakery" made these for Easter.

Too cute for words!!!! And bunnies, being bunnies, multiplied!

The pink cupcake? That's a raspberry lemonade cupcake. Perfect for a hot summer day, you can bet I'll get more of those!

Then  little egg dying action....

Aren't they pretty!!!

I finished a t-shirt quilt up Easter weekend too for a client. Her daughter is graduating from college in May and she wanted a quilt made from her favorite t-shirts.

It turned out really good!

Have a fun day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break

School's out for the whole week! No packing lunches, no 6:30am trips to the bus stop, no homework to review, horray!!!!! I think moms like spring break more than the kids!

I'm sitting out here on the front lawn on a cloudy day watching three small boys attempt to climb up a tree with a rope......and they created a pop up RV with a wagon and some old cushions.

The past month I did some traveling......headed to NYC to see the red and white quilt exhibit and three days later flew to Florida for my hubby's 40th birthday. 

The red and white exhibit was impressive! Over 500 red and white quilts....hanging everywhere! You can get a free app for Iphone with pictures of all the quilts. Its called "Infinite Variety". 

These are my faves from the show......

The interlocking design really intrigues me.....

And I was looking at this and realized that its a unicorn!!!

My all time favorite from the show......the circles! 

Then we took in some sites!

Here's me and Janine at Time Square!

So hard to photos oneself with a jiggly hand!

Chris taking a break from walking....

The view looking up from the ground....

The view from the chair I was sitting in.....

Remember that red and white circle quilt I said my favorite from the show?

When I was on the subway, I saw this.....

Hmmmmm......I think its a sign I should do something with arcs within circles, what do you think?

I even own a wedge ruler that I was going to get rid of until I saw these and the possibilities enter my mind.....

Have a good day and if you are in Minnesota, get your shovel ready. I heard you are in for more snow.