Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post Easter

I love Easter.....the chocolate bunnies, the colored eggs, the daffodils.....

My favorite cupcake store " A Flavor Cupcakery" made these for Easter.

Too cute for words!!!! And bunnies, being bunnies, multiplied!

The pink cupcake? That's a raspberry lemonade cupcake. Perfect for a hot summer day, you can bet I'll get more of those!

Then  little egg dying action....

Aren't they pretty!!!

I finished a t-shirt quilt up Easter weekend too for a client. Her daughter is graduating from college in May and she wanted a quilt made from her favorite t-shirts.

It turned out really good!

Have a fun day!


1 comment:

Amy Parra Morusiewicz Fun from A to Z! said...

love love love your circle background!

bunnycakes look yummy