Monday, May 2, 2011

Glass making Fun

I recently set up a glass making workshop for our cub scout pack at McFadden's Art Glass.

His stuff is amazing!!!!

Here's an example.....

How fun is that!!! I want this sink in my bathroom!!!

They offer all kinds of glass making workshops for the general public so if you are ever in the Baltimore area, be sure to make this is stop on your must see list. I made a pumpkin and glass ball before, so fun!
 There is a gallery and restaurant on site too.

The boys had a great time make glass pendants or marbles.

Even my 14 year old had fun and he wants to go back for more in depth instruction. That says something if your teenager wants to go for more!

While wandering around, I saw these.....

My kind of flowers.....yep, those are some random dandy lions mixed with glass flowers. 

Have a fun Monday!


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Needled Mom said...

What fun!!! I love that fountain and those flowers are gorgeous!