Thursday, March 24, 2011


I just finished an apron for my friend Kate at work. She is taking it to a bridal shower today. So cute!!!

And while waiting at the checkout line to purchase the needed apron items, I saw this:

Aprons Gone Wild!!!!

Of course I bought it to feast my eyes on all things I need to whip a few more up.

Mikey got creative with this ice cream sundae.He gave new meaning to the word overloaded....

There IS ice cream in there somewhere!

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Southern Comforters

This is not a new drink nor is it related to Southern Comfort Whiskey.....its a quilt guild located in Bowie, Maryland. Though I do wonder if the gals that started this guild up had a fondness for Southern Comfort. Hmmmm.......interesting question to research!

I did my very first trunk show with them in February and it was so much fun!!!!!! They are a fantastic group of ladies!!!! Thanks for having me come ladies!

Then I came back and did a workshop with them......we did the Triple Star quilt.

And it was so much fun!!!! Everyone had such interesting colors and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

But I forgot to take photos of people's blocks, I'm such a yogurt Southern Comforter ladies, if you send me photos of your blocks, I can post them here to share with everyone!

I did take photos of the crazy things that happened during the class though. Figures huh....I always go for the weirdness......

Take lunch for example....

 Potato Chips on a Stick

Now how odd is that???? They were VERY tasty!!!!

Then there was the bunny know bunnies are.....first there were two bunnies in my M and M bowl. Then I turned my head and this happened....

Next time I looked over.....

Geez, I thought I was going to need a bigger bowl the way things were going......

But then......

And that took care of the bunny population!

During the class, Amy was fabric dancing I dared her to race through the parking lot with her ribbons of pieces. 

Things got a little tangled in the end....the sacrifices we make for art.

Finally a new cool way to keep everything in order and together for the trip home.

Great idea that I am going to go share at all my classes!!

I am teaching this class again at MAQ if you want to join in on the fun!

Have a great day!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Christmas

Next up I finished and bound this one! Here's the back.....

Ready for the front????

Isn't that cute? Course Christmas is LONGGGGGG gone but there is always next year!

I decided to be lazy and not stitch down the edges of the applique. Just fused them in place and then I quilted it up with metallic thread. Which gave me a little trouble so I had to play around with tension, needles etc but it all worked and I think it was worth it.

I quilted what I thought looked like blowing snow......see?

I opted not to do swirls since I always make those....or maybe these look more like clouds......hmmmmm. 

I stitched over the lettering too to keep it all in place.....

Now to wait for next Christmas and get this baby on the wall next to my Blue Christmas Tree quilt, which was done in honor of the King.  As in Elvis.....maybe I need to get a blue Christmas tree to go with it. Now that would be fun!

My current fave Crocs......debating my spring Croc color.....yellow, pink, red????? What you think about it??

Have a fun day!


Saturday, March 12, 2011


No, there are no snowflakes falling here......actually the daffodils are starting to come up. I think spring just might be on its way!

But I did finish my snowflake quilt! Remember this back?

Well, here's the front all quilted and bound!

I even found some leftover snow to photograph it year this is going to be my lucky snow quilt. When I hear we might be getting snow, I am gong to whip this baby out and sleep with it. Kinda like how the kids throw ice cubes out the door, sleep with PJ's on inside out and put a spoon under the pillow so they can get a snow day. I don't remember doing any of that when I was a kid, so times have changed!

What's the snow ritual in your area? Does it vary by region? Hmmmm,. questions to ponder.

Have a great day!