Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Christmas

Next up I finished and bound this one! Here's the back.....

Ready for the front????

Isn't that cute? Course Christmas is LONGGGGGG gone but there is always next year!

I decided to be lazy and not stitch down the edges of the applique. Just fused them in place and then I quilted it up with metallic thread. Which gave me a little trouble so I had to play around with tension, needles etc but it all worked and I think it was worth it.

I quilted what I thought looked like blowing snow......see?

I opted not to do swirls since I always make those....or maybe these look more like clouds......hmmmmm. 

I stitched over the lettering too to keep it all in place.....

Now to wait for next Christmas and get this baby on the wall next to my Blue Christmas Tree quilt, which was done in honor of the King.  As in Elvis.....maybe I need to get a blue Christmas tree to go with it. Now that would be fun!

My current fave Crocs......debating my spring Croc color.....yellow, pink, red????? What you think about it??

Have a fun day!



9patchnurse said...

Great quilting! I love your blue xmas these. The King would be proud. Crocs don't do it for me but I do like yellow in the spring.

Cheryl U said...

Nice to see you posting again!! I have missed seeing your blogs. No snow here - in the 70's and low humidity...PERFECT weather for me!

Anonymous said...

LIME GREEN Crocs, of course!