Thursday, December 16, 2010

100th posting!!!!

Wow! Where did time go???? Just seems like I started up this blog.
Thanks for all your comments and support. I always like to hear your thoughts on things.

We are now at C minus 9........and things are getting frantic around here!!!!!

The other night I was up realllllll late......with this friend.

Needled Mom shared with me this fantastic recipe for Choco Peppermint Blossoms.

There's lots of cocoa involved......

A frantic trip to two stores and I found those Hershey's kisses that are red and white striped. I bought two bags......just in case.

And now that I made these cookies, I'm gonna have to go out and get a few more bags cuz they were so tasty!

And PRETTY!!!!

In between cookies, I squeezed in a little sewing.

I love how that rolls off the tongue so I walk around the house chanting it.

The youngest kid has picked up the chant and does it along with me.

Possible future quilter??????

I'm keeping up pretty good so far.

But now I am working on the string piece blocks and they are going to take me a bit of time to get done.
This is a help when it comes to make the blocks.

Tiime to get ready for the day.

In honor of the 100th posting, I am going to do a giveaway.

Just what it will be, well that's going to be a surprise!!!! Cuz its the season for surprises!!

Leave a comment between now and Sunday.

Then Monday morning, bright and early, I'll have one of the kids pick a winner!!

Have a good day!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nine Years Old

Today is Brad's birthday and he's 9 years old.

He asked for his birthday if I could do a blog post featuring him.

So Brad, this is for you!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Blow out those candles and make a wish......

Did you get your wish????

I know you wanted this.....

And you wanted this too.....

For his birthday dinner, Brad wanted that new pizza from Pizza Hut. The one with all those cheese bites on it, its making hungry writing about it.

And Brad gets to sleep under this since he's the birthday boy........

Happy Birthday Brad!!!!!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Wishes

What do I want for Christmas??????

The answer........nothing at all.

My life is good, we have enough to eat, a roof over our heads, and everyone healthy.

These past few weeks have been a reminder to count one's blessing.........

One friend is struggling to cope with the murder of her nephew days before Thanksgiving.....

Another friend faces the holidays without her daughter and grandson who were killed by an repeat DUI offender.

This morning I learned a child in my son's elementary school is in a coma from complications from her diabetes.

It has been hard.........but at the same time a reminder. Sometimes we let the little problems and ordeals of life get in the way of really just appreciating the day for what it is.

A gift.......because you never know when it is going to be gone.

So this year, my Christmas wish is to just enjoy life, each day at a time. And to remember that the small stuff really is small stuff and not worth sweating about.

Wishing the same for you.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Off to the post office

Shipped out!!!!

Today I send three quilts to the Basic Quilt Gather which gives quilts to families who are in transitional housing. Bumble Beans started this project last year.

I had made some house blocks for it and cut out a whole bunch of setting squares. And then it all sat, and sat, and sat.......but then I went to retreat and finished it up!

And now its going to someone who could use a little sunshine in their life.

I had two other quilts that I finished up recently that I send along as well......

And the next one is double sided!


And back!

Once again thank you to my quilt holders, Jack and Zach, for their fine work.

I'm starting to think about my quilting resolutions.......last year I made a bunch of them which on January 1st, I'll review. Then its time for some new ones and maybe keeping some of the ones I did not accomplish this year, cuz trust me......there was alot I did not achieve, LOL.

Are you planning any quilting resolutions for 2011?