Sunday, March 20, 2011

Southern Comforters

This is not a new drink nor is it related to Southern Comfort Whiskey.....its a quilt guild located in Bowie, Maryland. Though I do wonder if the gals that started this guild up had a fondness for Southern Comfort. Hmmmm.......interesting question to research!

I did my very first trunk show with them in February and it was so much fun!!!!!! They are a fantastic group of ladies!!!! Thanks for having me come ladies!

Then I came back and did a workshop with them......we did the Triple Star quilt.

And it was so much fun!!!! Everyone had such interesting colors and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

But I forgot to take photos of people's blocks, I'm such a yogurt Southern Comforter ladies, if you send me photos of your blocks, I can post them here to share with everyone!

I did take photos of the crazy things that happened during the class though. Figures huh....I always go for the weirdness......

Take lunch for example....

 Potato Chips on a Stick

Now how odd is that???? They were VERY tasty!!!!

Then there was the bunny know bunnies are.....first there were two bunnies in my M and M bowl. Then I turned my head and this happened....

Next time I looked over.....

Geez, I thought I was going to need a bigger bowl the way things were going......

But then......

And that took care of the bunny population!

During the class, Amy was fabric dancing I dared her to race through the parking lot with her ribbons of pieces. 

Things got a little tangled in the end....the sacrifices we make for art.

Finally a new cool way to keep everything in order and together for the trip home.

Great idea that I am going to go share at all my classes!!

I am teaching this class again at MAQ if you want to join in on the fun!

Have a great day!



Needled Mom said...

I think want to attend one of those classes!!!!

Cheryl U said...

Me too - or have you come to Florida in January to teach - how does that sound Kathy?