Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charm Pack Challenge

I joined the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild a few months ago and we are doing a Charm Pack Challenge sponsored by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

I have a month to do the challenge. The rules are pretty simple:

Must use some of each color
Must use a new technique that is new to you
Can only add solid fabrics

Now I've been thinking about this and I want to go with either Curvy Flying Geese or Snakes.....

I actually really want to try both.....hmmmmm, maybe make two mini quilts for the challenge????

What do you think?

My good friend Amy is in the BMQG too.

She's very talented.....that apple she's about to take a bite out of? Its fake, she made it with wool....

Impressive huh!

Have a good day!!



Needled Mom said...

That will be awesome!!! I think you should do two so we can enjoy both of them.

Amy Parra Morusiewicz Fun from A to Z! said...

silly rabbit - the apple is made of fabric - the grapes are made of wool!