Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blue Christmas- part two

I finished up my Elvis's Blue Christmas quilt over the weekend. My friend Lisa made the original tree quilt that inspired this one. Hers was in green and it was gorgeous!

So I love the song "Blue Christmas" by Elvis....and he's the KING! It was only logical to dig through my scraps, find this leftover cream colored Elvis fabric, whip out the blue fabric paint, and viola' blue Elvis fabric! I cranked up the King singing all his Christmas favorites and stitched away!

I decided to quilt some swirling snow with shiny white poly thread.....note Elvis's guitar.

I got to use lots of blue scraps to make up the trees and it was fun to use some fabrics I bought years ago. Notice the bear on the moon from when my kids were babies, the youngest is 6 now so you get an idea of how far back my scrap box goes.

Have a great day!!



9patchnurse said...

I love it!! OMG what can I trade you for it, lol. By the way, mine was red not green, silly. Do you have a scrap or two of that elvis fabric left?

Kathy said...

which Elvis fabric? The one for the backing or the one for the blue trees?

Duh.....red huh......hmmmm....my brain is turning to mush....