Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

I go Black Friday shopping every year.......its a ritual, like eating mashed potatoes with LOTS of gravy with the turkey. This year, Amy told me about a very special Black Friday event at Material Girls. If you arrived between 12:00 to 12:15 am, it was 30 percent off almost everything in the store.

Hard to resist huh??? But I had to think about this one.......Material Girls is an hour and half drive from my home. And I had to be at my usual Black Friday stores by 4am......which meant there was no going to bed that night for me.

So I had to think about it.......and guess what??? The lure of fabric and quilty fun won out and away we went! Besides Amy, Tricia, Lisa, and Georgia went along too.....and so did Georgia's son Ryan.

I brought along Swedish Fish, black licorce, and a 6 pack of Mountain to keep that sugar level up!!

And it was the right choice!!!! I found some fantastic fabric and had lots of fun!!! They held drawings for the first person who could show whatever the requested object was. Guess who won a door prize for a tattoo on the ankle and pix of a quilt I had made??? Good thing I have the I-phone cuz I was wayyyy quicker scrolling through my photo gallery than the other two ladies who ran up.

Then there was the shopping......check out these pretties!

Now I seriously lack whites in my stash cuz they are ususally mega boring. So when I found these...

I bought them up!! Lisa had shown me the squirrel fabric a few months ago and I loved it so. Then I found some and bought a whole yard. You never know when you'll need some fabric featuring a squirrel right?!

And I bought these too.....

Fun!!!!! But wait, I saw this realllllly cool shirt hanging up. In fantasic floral fabric. I drooled.....and I pondered cuz I NEVER sew clothes anymore. But the coolness factor won out.

Can't wait to sew this up and wear it to work!!!! Maybe in time for the holidays????

Finally there was this one was.......different......very very different......

So different it was ugly.

And I love the uglies.......

I bought the whole bolt.

It was like 3 or 4 yards of the stuff.

This morning Amy send me this picture.

Enough said about my taste in fabric.

Have a good day!



9patchnurse said...

Uh oh! Yer ugly fabric isn't so ugly after all is it? It was lots of fun wasn't it?

A to Z said...

Ugly fabric makes me think of chocolate covered frozen bananas

I had a blast!

Fun, fabric and friends... How could that not be Fantastic, fabulous and frivolous. (All of my favorite f-words)

Mistea said...

Lots of lovelies to enjoy there - Good shopping trip!

Can't wait to see that top.