Thursday, April 1, 2010

Farmer's Wife continues on.....

Here's another project I worked on at the's more of those Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks. They have such cool names.....

Like Buzzards Roost......where did THAT come from??

Calico Puzzle......

Now I realllllly like this block, Century of Progress.......but I put the blocks together the wrong way, see?
So I invented a new block!!!! What do you think I should call it????

Then there is this's called "Cats n Mice".

Let's put the photo into the editing program and add a few details.....

Viola! Don't you think that is funny.....I sure did!! And the cat fabric is from my friend Cheryl. She bought it at a store near the retreat, cut it up, and let me have her scraps. Couple hours later, I started doing these blocks and realized one was called Cats n out came the cat fabric scraps. Cool huh!

I still need to decide if I should add eyes, noses and tails on the real block.....what do you think?

Have a good night!



Needled Mom said...

Love the Century of Progress block even is you did it wrong.

Cats and mice....too cute!

Cheryl U said...

Century of Progress made your way could be called Kathy's Puzzle (or maybe Kathy's Mistake?) Yes, definitely add the mice!! What a cute idea.

Mistea said...

Definitely need those mice details that looks like a super fun block.
What about millenium progress for your 'new' block? It sure looks good.
And I really like the Orange fabric you have used.
I guess you really meant it when you said in a previous post you sewed for 12 hrs straight.