Thursday, April 15, 2010


I finished up a commission quilt on Tuesday. It was for a school that has a tradition of doing a quilt of the students in a particular grade every spring and then raffling the quilt off to raise money. This tradition was started years and years ago......and over time it has gotten harder for the parents to do the quilt since less people sew. This year, they were unable to find anyone in the class to put the quilt together. A call to the local quilt shop turned up my name........a couple of week later, the project was done!

My friend, Annette, did the embrodiery for me since I am clueless about that. She did a great job and the parents are very pleased with how the quilt turned out.

I am starting a new project this week for a class I am teaching. The quilt is called Candy Cane Lane and it is very cool. I decided to make a blog for this project so students in the class can have a visual reference for the different techniques used in the class. AND I thought it would be fun for my friends in blog land to sew along with us!!! If you would like to join the sew along, go to A Candy Cane Christmas and leave a comment. I will email you back with an invitation to join the blog. Then you can post pictures and comments of your progress!

Hope you can join in!



Michele said...

Kathy, where may I see a photo of the Candy Cane Lane quilt, so I can tell if it's something I need to be doing? Michele

prashant said...

Your blog layout is really cool...
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