Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Surprise!

Thanks for all the great suggestions about what to do when you are in a rut. Most people suggested redoing a room in the house or going on a short weekend getaway. Would you believe I am planning to repaint my bedroom this spring and I am going on a quilt retreat next weekend??? The bedroom is going to be blue with some yellow stars and possibly a moon in the corner. Still in the idea stage though I did buy the paint already.

But today I decided to be bold and I went to get a haircut this evening. Now I have long hair......long, thick hair. People tell me all the time it is so lovely and thick......but thick hair has it's downsides. Here's they are:

1. Thick hair is heavy.
2. Thick hair doesn't want to do anything but hang straight.
3. Thick  hair makes your head hurt when you wear it in a ponytail.
4. Thick hair is very hot in the summer.

So today I decided to get it all cut off! And I mean all of it!!! It is now what you would call a pixie cut. I like it very much though the rest of the members in the house are still adjusting. Now getting all your hair cut off, that is liberating! I'm all fired up to do new things!

Have a great day and go get liberated!



Cheryl U said...

Can't wait to see the "new" look! Bet it's cute. Short hair is GREAT! You can just wash and go.

Needled Mom said...

Oh yes!!! Please post before and after pictures.

Darlee Byron said...

Good for you!! Positive changes uplift our spirit and that is always a good thing. Enjoy your week!!