Saturday, March 6, 2010

Popsicle Plunge!

Today was the Popsicle Plunge! The weather cooperated too, it was sunny and 50 degrees. The wind was blowing a bit but it could have been much colder. Originally I was going to do this event with Jack but he had a basketball playoff game so Brad volunteered to fill in! He was so excited to be able to do this event.

Mikey came along and served as my official photographer when I went in the water. Here he is thinking about how to frame his shots.

The EMS guys are checking for rocks, logs, and other unknown objects before we head in. Not like anybody has done much swimming in the last few months! Don't worry, they have wet suits on to keep warm.

The Popsicle Plunge raisies money for the Marshy Point Nature Center. This year I was on the team "Katie and Wil Brady Foundation". Here I am with Brad and my friend Pat, she's a quilter too!

Almost time!! Ready Pat???

This year I went in TWICE!!! Once with Brad (kids group), you can see us in the picture below with our blue hats on. Sorry it's a little blury, photo boy Mikey is still learning the ropes. I ran all the way to the EMS guys, gave them a high five, and headed on back to shore. Then I did it again with everyone else. And I gave the EMS guys yet another high five and then sat down to so I would be "going all the way". It was a blast!!!

Got two more Karen Stone blocks done!!! Nine more to go!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!



9patchnurse said...

OMG!! I don't get in our pool until the water warms up so I can't imagine doing a 'plunge'! Great job to all of you.

Needled Mom said...

Brrrrrrrr!!!! I am freezing just reading this!!!!

Darlee Byron said...

Honestly... I salute you for being so brave!! Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Awesome, though!!

Cheryl U said...

Kathy - I always knew you were a little crazy - guess this proves it! :-) Kudos to Mikey and Brad for helping out, each in his own way.

PattiKakes said...

WOW WASN'T THAT FUN! I'm ready for another ~ NOT!!! It took me almost 4 hours to really feel warm again but I guess it didn't help that we came back to my daughter's house with some friends and stood around outside drinking a few beers! Thanks for being a part of our team and Congrats on being the only Double Dipper that day.