Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saturday!

Ok, it's been a while since I got busy. Training for work, strep throat kid, back log of events that were rescheduled from all the snow......but I did manage to sneak in a little sewing. First up, I made this purse to donate to the Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner silent auction. That event is tonight.....I love silent auctions! Maybe I will get to come home with some goodies!

The purse pattern is called the "Rachel Bag" and comes from the book "Bag Boutique". I have made this bag a few times since it is easy to do, roomy, and looks great with large scale prints. For this auction I toned down my normal screaming colors so it would be more acceptable to the masses......what to you think?

If you are thinking that you have seen this fabric before, you're right!!! I used it in my Storm at Sea quilt. Since I orginally planned to make that quilt bed sized, I have lots leftover. And I decided to give the quilt to my inlaws for their anniversary! I think they'll like it, don't you.

I did two more Farmer's Wife blocks too.....they get kind of addicting because they have such cool names. Plus I only have to make one of each block so I can't get bored. That's a problem when you have to make 20 of the same kind of block with the same exact fabric in the same exact becomes boringggggg. Probably explains why I am a scrap quilt junkie.

This one is called "Buckwheat"......interesting huh.......

And this is "Butterfly in the Crossroads", now this one I can visualize better. My butterfly is supposed to be a monarch. I grow milkweek every year in my garden so the monarches will come and lay eggs. Then I get to see the catapillars become butterflies. I love that. I did notice we did not have very many monarches last year compared to in the past. Hope this year there are more of them.

Time to get moving.......have a great day and I will let you know if I win anything at the silent auction.



Needled Mom said...

I love your bag. I have been asked to make one for an auction next weekend so I am getting an idea here. ;)

Love the Farmer's Wife blocks. I, too, like it when there is only one block to make.

9patchnurse said...

your blocks and the bag are great! Good luck at the silent auction.

Mistea said...

That is a super cool bag - think it should have gone down well with the masses. Love the two new blocks. Maybe you have identified why I never liked patchwork, the boring repetition of creating the same blocks. Enjoy