Sunday, February 28, 2010

One day til March

Tommorrow is March 1st.....ugh.......I hate March! It is the worst weather month of the year. It's not cold enough for snow (usually) but not warm enough to enjoy going outside. And it's either raining or gloomy clouds.To make it worse, it's a 31 day month.......sigh.

What's your least favorite month of the year? And why?

Last night was the Blue and Gold Dinner for the Cub Scouts. That was fun.....I always enjoy watching the older boys bridge from cub scouts to boy scouts. To me they are taking their first steps towards manhood and it always tears me up to watch them leave childhood behind......

I did win a prize in the silent auction, horray!! It was a Longberger Basket with some baking goodies inside. It has a patriotic liner so I am going to use it when I go to Assateague Island over the 4th of July! I can not wait for that vacation to start!

See my basket?

I helped the tiger cubs make clay cupcakes for their centerpiece. Here's a picture of a few of them. They came out really cute. And they almost look real before you put on the decorations!

Well, that's it for tonight........I quilted the Storm at Sea today with wavy lines and added the binding. Just need to wash it and then get it to the inlaws. Have a fantastic Monday!!



Needled Mom said...

I never thought about what my least favorite month was. I guess it would be January if I had to choose.

LOVE the Longaberger basket. I have several of them and absolutly love them.

Mistea said...

I did have a very happy monday as the M's fairy visited with me today.
My least favourite month is January and yes it has 31 days also. Here it is usually so unbearably hot and everybody is grumpy from not sleeping enough.

Darlee Byron said...

Actually, I love March!! It's my birthday month and spring is not too far off. I prefer to see the best in each month, rather then the worst. Cheers!!