Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black and White Baskets

You're probably wondering if the only thing I have done in the last few days is shovel snow and cook.....the answer is no. I started watching season 2 of "Lost"  with the hubby, he is always overjoyed when I spend time watching TV with him. I also got some sewing done. I finished up a teddy bear for a client. It's made from her dad's shirt......isn't he cute!

And I finished up another UFO!!!! I combined the leftover black and white blocks from the dead chickens quilt with my basket blocks which came from the Wild Threads group swap.

 Now with all this snow, I thought some red would heat things up! I like how this turned out. These are my favorite three basket blocks.

And that is a witch on one of the basket fabrics! For the back, I am using another quilt top I did. My group, the Wild Threads, did a round robin. I like the individual parts but not how it looks as a whole.

And I was also involved with a strip swap block making adventure with the Wild Threads (say that three times really fast). I made all kind of blocks with my strips. Here's some of them.

Now I made these blocks in all sizes and shapes and stiched them up. And I hated the way the middle looked.....sooo......I took the round robin top and appliqued it to the center of the strips top!!!!  Viola! I love how it looks now!

Sometimes you just gotta take some chances and get out the scissors! I cut the middle of the strips top out from underneath the round robin after I was done with the applique.

So this will be the back to the black and white baskets. I am going to quilt it with bright red thread and bind it with red binding. Any suggestions on how to quilt it?? I have those big empty black and white blocks that I could do something pretty in......hmmmm....thoughts??

Enjoy the day!



Jennilyn said...

I love your creative quilt photos! Nice white fence I may have to come borrow for a photo shoot! CRAZY LOVE the back of this quilt! Nice.

9patchnurse said...

nice work!! I love what you did with the basket blocks, I really need to do something with mine. All that and TV with the hubs! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Do you hinge the arms and legs on the bears? Or just sew them on?

Mistea said...

Cute bear. Love the baskets with their Red sashing.