Saturday, February 6, 2010

The rest of the household

Last week I wrote about all my pets. Today I am going to tell you about everyone else who lives here with me but first a weather update. It started snowing yesterday afternoon and there's 21 inches on the ground this morning with it still coming down. One of the trees in our backyard started losing branches last night under the weight of the snow. The weatherman are saying this storm might be a record breaker! Pretty darn exciting!!

Good thing I stocked up on batting! Might be awhile before we can dig out.

Now the cast of characters in my house. First there is my husband, Ed. He is a GED math teacher and a huge sports fan. He also kinda looks like his dog.....see?

Then there is the oldest son, Jack. He likes to play sports, Xbox, and is good with animals. He is in 8th grade this year and says his goal is to get at least two A's on his third term report card. You heard it hear first! I'll let you know if that actually happens since Jack is a real slacker about school. He's a real good kid

Then there is the middle son, Brad. He is in 2nd grade and 8 years old. Brad loves, I mean loves, to talk. He also loves Godzilla. If you ever want to know any facts about Godzilla, Brad's the person to ask. He's got a real creative twist to his mind too. Maybe he will be a future Godzilla film director.....

Then there is the youngest son, Mikey. Or Mike as his friends call him. He is in 1st grade and he wants you to know he is 6 and 2/3rds. NOT 6 years old. Mikey loves animals, playing with his Legos, and generally running around. He also wants to go outside in the snow so I better finish this up.

Have a great day everyone!!! If you are under the "bubble of doom" (we are) for the Mid Atlantic storm then be sure to take it easy shoveling, make some chili, and wait for the plows.


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