Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ugly Fabric

I have finally met a piece of fabric that is even too ugly for me. And I LOVE ugly fabric! I collect it, hoard it, and save it for just the right quilt. Heck, I even made a whole quilt out of ugly fabric that I received from an Ugly Fabric Challenge. That quilt by the way is the header for my blog. It's called Ugly Kathy......I love that quilt. It's so ugly, it has a seductive dark beauty that pulls you in.....kinda like those dogs with all the wrinkles.

Anyway! I was asked to create a small quilt with this ugly red, white, and blue batik. Here's what is looks like:

And this looks better than the real fabric! The real fabric doesn't have such pure white tones as the red and blue bleeds into it. But I was up for a challenge so I did a bit of web surfing and found a pattern I thought would work over at Bonnie Hunter's website called "Playing with Jacks".

And you know what??!!? The quilt turned out wayyyyy better than I could ever imagine. I'll have a picture to share with you tommorrow!

Have a great night!


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