Friday, November 13, 2009

It's a wet, wet day!

Well, it's raining again.......and just when I head out to do some errands, it really starts coming down. So I got a little wet. Came home, dried off and had some meatball soup for lunch. It was very tasty. I spend the afternoon free motion quilting a queen top for someone. It went much quicker than I thought it would. And it probably helped that I dragged my sewing machine upstairs and used the kitchen table to take the bulk of the quilt.

Then tonight, Jack had a soccer game, in the rain. So back out into the rain. His team won and since it's a tournment, he'll play again tommorrow. When I got home, Raven who's my dog, wanted to go for a walk......back out into the rain, AGAIN!

Now, I'm all dried off and I finally found a compass big enough to allow me to draw my pattern for the "Don't Look Now" quilt that's what I'm going to do.

Here's a picture of quilt I made a while ago and donated to charity. It ought to brighten your rainy days with the happy colors!

Have a great weekend!


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