Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project Linus

This past Saturday I went to a Project Linus Quilt a Thon in memory of two special people, Wil and Katie Brady, who's lives ended way too early. I took the boys along and spend the day with many others stitching quilts in their memory. Even my husband came by and helped with pinning quilt blocks. Before going I had each of the boys pick out fabric for a quilt to make. My hubby and I picked out fabrics too. Then I cut it all up and bagged it so it would be ready to sew up at Project Linus.

My oldest son, Jack, wanted to sew his quilt himself. He really wanted to go to the Quilt a Thon to help. When Wil and Katie died last year, he struggled to understand the chain of events surrounding the accident. It was hard enough as an adult to grasp how something like this could have happened. It is still hard.

After about 4 hours of stitching, he was ready for some help to finish it up. Myself and another friend Tricia helped him finished his top that day. Here it is.....

Jack's younger brothers helped with sewing their quilt tops. They got a real kick out of pushing the sewing machine pedal to make it "go". Their quilts aren't quilt finished yet. Hopefully this week I'll get them done. I'm very proud of Jack. He worked hard and helped make a difference in more ways than he will ever know.

In memory of Wil and Katie Brady..... To find out more about Project Linus or the Katie and Wil Memorial Foundation, click here.

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9patchnurse said...

It was a great day and your family was Awesome!! Love the pictures.