Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Recap

Miss me? Summer was full of adventures.......let's review the highlights:

In June I went to Assateague for a week and had a great time as always. Lots of friends came down to stay with us too which made the trip even better!

Assateague Island has lots of wild horses roaming around.....Ed's looking a little worried.

And of course we made s'mores around the campfire.....note the jumbo sized marshmallow.

My folks came down for a few days too.

And so did Hank and his family, and Hank is a fantastic cook! Me and Janine invited him back next year (actually we begged him to come back to cook for us again).

Then we went out for crabs.....

Janine and Brad hanging out at the crab place.

The boys of the summer......

We go back to Assateague in two weeks for a weekend trip, yeah!!!!

After Assateague, I went to MAQ for a weekend......you saw those pixs already.

Then I came home for a few weeks and went to my real job. Gotta pay for the fabric somehow!

Before I left for Califorinia for the wedding of the century, I finished this.

This took me foreverrrrrrrrr to sew together since there were so many pieces!!! But I used the Quiltsmart border product and that really went together quick and looks great. Here's a back view of the border.

Then it was off to California for my brother's wedding.......first time at age 40. Shocking huh.

We went to San Diego for a few days before the wedding crazyiness started. And we loved San Diego!!! Can we move there??

We went to Legoland....and yes, that's Jack in a Lego car.....Mikey too.

Went to tour the Midway.....now that's a big ship!!!! Brad is on the stretcher.....

The San Diego Zoo......amazing place! And we ran into one of my former co-workers there! Three thousand miles from home and we just happen to bump into each other, crazy huh!

And we went to Sea World, took a boat tour, ate lots of yummy food, went snorkeling with the sharks (don't have those picures developed yet), it was a fab time.

And no trip to SD would completed without a stop at Rosie's!!!! Good thing the kids were with me or I might have never left that place!

Having some lunch at the Jack in the Box......with Jack....

View from our hotel room.....

And I saw this cool catcus plant.....

And this wall paper would make a great quilting design!

Then I forgot my camera battery so my camera died and that was the end of taking pictures for me, sigh.

The wedding was, let's just call it interesting. But my brother is married and it's all over with. He's coming east with his bride in October for a wedding party with all the east coast family who were unable to go out to Califorinia.

At the end of the summer, one of our dogs had to be put down. She was 12 years old and a basset hound.
She was a good dog and had a good life. Miss you Hobis....

Now school has reopened and its time to get into the fall schedule which includes posting more frequently as well as getting more sewing done. I got 20 minutes til I got to get moving for work/school rush.

See you later!



Needled Mom said...

Yeah, we did miss you! Glad the summer was so exciting for you. It all sounded fabulous and filled with activity.

Sorry about Hobis. We've had three bassets in our life and had to put the last one down last summer. They are great pooches!

Cheryl U said...

Kathy - nice to finally see something new!! I know how busy you have been, but I didn't know about Hobis. So sorry, they become such a part of the family!! Talk with you later!

9patchnurse said...

Nice to see a new post. Sorry about Hobis. Sam will be sad. He said last week that he misses your cats. Great post and great summer fun!