Thursday, July 15, 2010


This past weekend I taught at MAQC (Mid Appalachian Quilters Camp). I had a fantastic time!! This year I taught "Lazy Daisy Cats", "Wild and Wonderful Bindings", and "Happy Holiday Painstiks". My favorite class to teach was the cats since I had lots of hands on sewing time build into the schedule.So that meant lots of time to chat with students and get to know them better.

To keep everyone hopping, everyone got a some candy and tickets for door prizes......people could earn more door prize tickets by responding to questions like this, "Who had soft serve ice cream for lunch?" "Extra ticket if you put that soft serve on your brownie!".

Here's some of the lovely kitties my students made.

Carolyn had the coolest leopard print fabrics to use in her wild kitties, meow!!

Dawn made all purple cats and is planning to do purple and red flowers. I can't wait to see if when its all done!

Karin had lots of dotty fabrics. I love dots......and I really drool for that swirly orange print. Think Karin will notice her extra orange swirly fabric is missing??? Hmmm, who "accidentally" brought it home???

Just kidding!!

Kim was stitched and stitched and got not only the cats done but her flowers too!!!

Great job!! And I heart the red rick rack whiskers!!!

Margaret made these cats two years ago at MAQC when I taught the class the first time. She made her very own border and it looks fab!!!

Not to worry, Margaret does not normally have red glowing eyes like in the photo......I think.....

Cindy was in the binding class and LOVES stitching binding down by hand. I am putting her on my speed dial cuz I HATE stitching it down. Think she'll work for fabric???

Barbara is a friend of mine and she took a Mariners Compass class. Don't you love what she made!!!

And I finished up my churn dash quilt. My classes have a special feature I call "Midnight Sewing". The students are free to come back in the evening hours and stitch away with me. The little wall quilt is mine too.....I'm thinking quilt guild silent auction donation??? The chocolate and pink stars are a pattern called "Triple Stars" from the Buggy Barn.

I love the Buggy Barn!!! They made the cats and churn dash patterns you saw above.

I can't wait until next year to go to MAQC again!!! Come and join me next time cuz it will be a blast!



Darlee Byron said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had!! So much creativity in one room is really inspiring.

ROZ said...

How creative! Love those cats! and your wonky quilt.

Janet said...

Must say I love those cats. Any tips for anyone trying to make one?