Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tote Bag Swap with BMQG

It's Thursday!!!! Where has the week gone????

I spend most of last night cleaning up and backing up all my docs and pixs on the computer. You have NO idea how long that eyes are glazing over just thinking reliving the horror.

But it's done and now I can actually find things! Horray!!

Remember I went to the Farmers Market on Sunday? Here's the jam I picked pretty!!

Then on Sunday afternoon, I went to the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild meeting. We were having a tote bag swap, and oh, how I love bags!!!

I made this for my swap buddy.

I un-me like......

But I had this awesome bunny fabric that I wanted to use!

Mushrooms and bunnies, what more can you want!!!

I threw in some red, whites, and blacks and got this!

And that my friends, illustrates just how much difference it makes to a pattern when you change the colors.

I added a giant button and some pretty beads too. The green one made me think of a four leaf clover.

You know how when you cut off the corners for boxing in a bag you get those little leftover squares?? Well, I loved the fabric too much to just toss them in the scraps pile so I stitched them up into these.

They would make great baby toys! My friend Lisa said I should add a squeaker inside. Now how great would that be! Heck. then my dogs would want to play with them too.

My swap buddy gave me this.......

At first I was weirded out by the handles and then I realized it does this!

And becomes the perfect snack bag to take along to baseball games, swim meets, scout camp, swim practice, field trips, more swim practice.......yes, its almost summer swim season so guess who will be spending quality time at the pool.

That's it for now! This weekend I am heading out to cub scout spring camp and doing tie dye with the kids. 
I love tie dye!!! 

Have a great Thursday!!

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