Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break!

First thank you for all your kinds words of encouragement and support. I truly appreciate it.

This week, the kids are off school so we went to Hershey, PA. Here's a thought for you......Hershey bills itself as the sweetest place on earth AND swimsuit season starts in two months. that's a bit of a internal conflict. Naturally chocolate won out for me!! Yay chocolate!

I saw this quote on a sign while I was there, "Chocolate doesn't ask questions, Chocolate understands". Now those are words that deserve to be in a quilt!

Not much stitching getting done in the past few days with Easter and the trip to Hershey BUT I did manage to have fun painting with melted chocolate!

That's right, they let you play with food at Hershey.

The little red dishes held marshmallow fluff and melted chocolate so I could make a s'more. Oh yum! And I had lots of fun making the chocolate flower painting.

The kids had a good time too......

Have a good Wednesday everyone and send some warm weather to Maryland. It is still freezing here, ugh!


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Needled Mom said...

Now...that looks like a great place to visit!!! YUM!