Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vodoo Lady

I taught the "Couch Potato" today and while I was at the quilt shop, I made a new friend......

See the pin?

Some people at the shop refered to her as "The quilter who's name will not be spoken" as they stabbed pins into Ms Vodoo during a recent quilt block making session. Seems that the blocks were trickier than anticipated. At least they were able to vent on the doll and not stick pins in the real person.

As I was sitting there with Ms Vodoo, I spied this pile of fabric nearby.....

One of these fabrics called to said "Buy me, buy me".

Everyone says you should let the fabric in a quilt doing the talking so I listed to the fabric and bought it.

And then the fabric said, "Do a giveaway". So, I listened to the fabric and I bought an extra 1/2 yard.

Now that 1/2 yard of fabric could be YOURS!!!

Everyone who comments on this posting between now and midnight on July 5th will be entered in the drawing. In your comment you need to guess which fabric you think I bought.

If you guess correctly, I'll enter you twice in the drawing! Only one guess per person though.

Happy guessing!



Needled Mom said...

I'm guessing the one with the red and pink daisies. Yes, I am glad they stuck the doll instead of the person as well.

9patchnurse said...

I guess the big pink flowers! Love Ms Voodoo!

nerines said...

I'm going with the big pink daisies also, thanks :-)

Cheryl U said...

I have to go along with the others and say the big pink daisies! But would love to have 1/2 a yard of any of them!!!

Mistea said...

Cool dolly - great sewing companion for all those frustrating times when things just don't go right!!!

Fabric maybe the dark red one second from the left in the pic.