Saturday, October 16, 2010

Socks Appeal Contest

Hi everyone, remember her???

Well, Socks Appeal is running a contest for creatures created from the book!

Her name is Misty the Mermaid.......please consider voting for her in contest. To vote you need to click on her picture and leave a comment.  Click here for the link.

A few weeks ago, my naughty dog ate Brad's lunch bag. So when I saw this book.

I knew I had to get it!!! There are so many fun lunch bags in this book.

I kept it simple for Brad since he is going to take it to school. I found some great fish fabric and in less than 45 minutes, whipped this up.

Cute huh! Now I am trying to decide which of the other bags to make. They are all so darn cute!

Going to be decorating for Halloween this weekend so get to dig out my Halloween quilts. I can't wait!!

Then heading to the pumpkin patch and going on a haunted hike.

Going to be a fun weekend!!!

Have a great day everyone!


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