Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whitey the Eel

Last night I was up late surprise there right?? Anyway, I go out to the carport to put away a screw driver. Why I was running around with a screw driver at midnight is another story. Back the original story......I turn the light on and go outside. What do I find slithering in my carport????

Whitey the Eel!!!!!

Ed, Brad and Mikey went down to the stream yesterday and caught him along with some fish. They decide to keep him in the fish tank overnight. They had piled rocks, boxes, etc on top of the fish tank lid so he would not find a way to slither out BUT Whitey the Eel was more clever.

So there I was at midnight, in the carport, trying to catch Whitey the Eel in the net and get him back in the tank. Jack was still up and came outside to lend moral support.

I finally caught Whitey the Eel and got him back in the tank. Then I realized he would just get out I found a bucket with a tight fitting lid. And then I had to get him out of the tank and into the bucket. He's sitting in there now......plotting against me.

Do these kind of things only happen to me or what???

I'll go to work on Monday and people will ask, "How was your weekend?" and then I go......"Well it was fine except for when the eel tried to escape and I was running around with a net in my PJ's in the middle of the night". Hmmmmmm.....they probably wonder about me huh?

I spend most of the week stitching on Candy Cane Lane. It's coming along really's a peek.

If you want to see more of the blocks and the process involved with making them, click here.

I have started working on Purple Brad and I will do another post about that. Have a good rest of the weekend and watch out for eels.

And you have to ask Brad why he named him Whitey......


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Needled Mom said...

I think I would be happy to live without all that excitement! My boys used to catch snakes when they were young and the snakes would ALWAYS be escaping in the house. YIKES. I did NOT like that part of mothering.